When you look at your quick audit report summary, you are seeing the results of a crawl of up to 25 pages on your site. During that crawl each page is checked for 73 different issues. The audit results provides the following information.

Total Score:

The total score is based on a 100 point scale, and is sometimes called the “Site Health Score.” This score is based on the amount of total errors and total warnings found on the pages crawled on your site. Errors have greater weight on your score than warnings do. The audit also indicates notices, issues that impact SEO but not as severe as errors or warnings. Notices are not used in calculating the total score.

Crawled Pages:

This indicates the total number of pages crawled as part of your site audit. It may be less than the total number of pages that are present on your site. We conserve the intrusiveness of our crawls and limit that number of pages crawled for free site audits. All results from pages crawled will be placed into one of the following categories.

  • Healthy – Everything is great
  • Broken – Unable to find or crawl
  • Have Issues – Crawled but problems identified
  • Redirects – Sent from the initial URL to a different URL
  • Blocked – Crawling prohibited. This may be intentional or not, depending on the site.


This indicates the total number of errors identified in the pages crawled during the audit. Errors represent the most severe issues on your site. They have the greatest negative effect on search engine rank. Errors should be resolved right away to provide the best ranking opportunity for your site.


These are issues of moderate severity. They should be addressed and can affect search engine rank but are not as serious as issues grouped as errors.


These are useful indicators of items not quite right with your site. While they do not affect your total score and are unlikely to impact search ranking, resolving these issues improves your overall site quality and conforms better to best practices.

Top Three Issues, Errors or Warnings:

In any given audit there may be many errors and warnings. The top three section of the report indicates the three most prevalent errors or warnings found during your site crawl. It indicates the number of pages affected by that error and provides an indicator of the percent of total errors and warnings that issue represents. Follow this link to look for more detailed information on Site errors and warnings.

Next Steps:

A perfect score of 100 is not realistic, but a recent nationwide study of websites created by top organically ranked designers indicated an average score of 73.5. If your score is greater than that, congratulations. While there still may be room for improvement, your site is at or above average in this measure. Owners of sites with scores below this should recognize that they are at a disadvantage with regards to ranking in search engine results. Serious consideration should be given to a full site audit and remediation of any issues identified.