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Did you know

Over 30% business websites have no reporting to show customer activity and site effectiveness


A more effective business website in 10 weeks

Current State

For most small business owners with a website there are a significant number of unknowns that can negatively impact

How many people visit the site? What content do they look at? How long do they stay, When do they leave the site?

Where did they come from; Direct to site, from a search engine, from an email or other marketing message?

Where they on a phone, tablet or a desktop?

How does my site perform on those types of devices?

Is the site technically sound? Are their any errors or dead links?

Does my site present well to search engines to ensure all important information is properly indexed?

Is my content structured to ensure it the best chance to rank well for the products and services I offer?


What will the Process Address?

Site Health – Technical obstacles to best indexing

Site Technical Audit

Error Remediation

Site Activity – Traffic Sources and on-site User activity

Google Analytics Installation/Configuration

Goal Setting

Google Search Console Installation/Configuration

Identify most popular pages

Identification of terms affecting individual pages

Site Competitiveness – How does your site stack up against the competition

Important Keywords

Variations to consider

Current effective use

Identify Competition

Compare their rank to yours for critical keywords

Compare their backlinks to yours