SBOgrow was launched to expand on work that started with a small group of business owners in 2017. In January of that year, Chris Weickert, owner of several B2C ecommerce websites and Beth Wagner, VP of a regional HAVAC, plumbing & service company, presented together to a local Business Owner Advisory group (Business Solutions) information on each member’s business website.

Their presentation looked at: site health, on-site calls to action, back end analytics and more. For each owner, it was the only time that anyone other than their original site designer had examined their site.

They heard for the first time, detailed reporting on specific site errors and received feedback on usability and design issues. Beth and Chris provided specific guidance on what to improve to increase each site’s potential to rank well in search engines and more effectively convert visitors. Reactions were dramatic, with some business owners taking action hours after the meeting to implement corrective measures.

From the initial work with this group of owners Chris began the project, SBOgrow, to educate, coach and assist other business owners in similar ways. As a first step in that education process, SBOgrow conducted a nationwide research project to identify issues in business websites created by top ranked design firms. That data provides a comparative measure and starting point for individual business owners to measure their business website.

The second step was to create a website to present research, articles and information for business owners. This information is designed to help owners manage their website so it contributes meaningfully to their business objectives.

The final part of the project is direct consultation. Each year a limited number of business owners can get targeted one-on-one guidance and support. This consulting helps owners navigate technical elements of their online business presence and gives them a more complete understanding of the choices to make. It does not replace their relationship with an existing website development company or online marketing agency. Instead, it enhances the owner’s ability to effectively manage those relationship to ensure their business is best served.

If you are a business owner, we hope you find value in the information on SBOgrow and invite you to consider a consultation.

Chris challenged me to think more strategically about my website, to really evaluate how I
wanted it to work. Now, we are designing the site to test the readiness of the client so those
who contact me are ready to make a commitment. Angie

Coach, Potentialocity