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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Their Website

Is My Site Healthy?

You paid thousands for a business website.  While it may look great, is it healthly? Is it free from technical errors, well designed for optimum indexing by search engines, aimed to support your key business objectives? How can you tell?

How Do Visitors Use My Site?

Does anyone visit your website? When they visit, where are they coming from, what search terms do they use and what areas of the site see the most action? Are you getting the visability, leads or sales you want from your online presence? How can you measure all this?

My Site vs the Competiton?

How does your company site compare when stacked up against key competitors? What search terms do you want to rank for and how is that going? What’s your online visability as compared to the competition? Where can you get this insight?

Expert Consulting to Solve Problems


Know Where You Stand

What gets measured gets done. A complete site audit examines every element of your site and identifies problem areas.

We work with you we see that all issues are addressed and your site is properly targeted to reach your customers or clients. When work is done you have a better performing site and tools in place to measure results over time. 


Giving Owners an Edge

Both owner and designer can evaluate the visual appearance of a site; the technical side of a site is a different matter. Here there is a large gap between the business owner’s knowledge and that of the designer. We help bridge that gap.

You don’t need to become an expert on web design, but you do need to learn key concepts to make informed choices and better supervise those who work on your site.


Expert Advice and Guidence

Leveraging our 14 years of experience operating multiple online businesses, you get expert coaching. We stand on your side bringing deep knowledge of website design, online analytics, and ecommerce.

You get top notch insight and advice. We don’t just talk theory we share what we successfully execute year after year.


Solving Problems

We support the relationships you already have in place. Working with your in-house person or design firm, we see that all issues are addressed and your site is properly targeted to reach your customers or clients.

We work with you, the owner, to ensure their work is as good as possible and you are ready to manage it into the future.

Chris challenged me to think more strategically about my website, to really evaluate how I
wanted it to work. Now, we are designing the site to test the readiness of the client so those
who contact me are ready to make a commitment. Angie

Coach, Potentialocity

Chris became a part of my team of consultants. As a business owner, I can’t know or do everything. There are areas best left to experts. That’s where he came in.


Owner, North American Rentals

Chris is easy to work with because he so genuinely cares. He is excited about helping
people really get the most out of their websites. He knows so much about e-commerce,
blogging, web-analytics, SEO ranking, etc, but I never feel intimidated during our
conversations. He is always willing to teach me new information or meet with my web
designer to improve our work.

A. Schmidt, PhD